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The most beautiful hard-working post middle-aged music producer, public speaker, author, Bubby, woman, actress (SAG-AFTRA / AEA) with white hair you’ve ever met in your entire life who looks forward to sharing with you!  Pls click on YouTube Icon for some of my latest music. Thx!




Pepper Jay Music Producer

Latest Single: “Masquerading in the Night” by John Michael Ferrari, (Cappy Records) released January 2022. On the album “My Heart Can’t Breathe.” Hitting radio charts near you!

Recent Single: “My Heart Can’t Breathe” by John Michael Ferrari (Cappy Records) released 8/10/21.    Album released 1/15/22. Radio chart topper!

John Michael Ferrari AWARDED “Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter” 2022 by the Nashville Music Foundation.

“My Heart Can’t Breathe”: WINNER Crossover Artist of the Year 2021  John Michael Ferrari by New Music Awards.

“My Heart Can’t Breathe” WINNER Pepper Jay Outstanding Music Producer of the Year by Producers Choice Honors 2021.

“My Heart Can’t Breathe” WINNER John Michael Ferrari Fan Favorite by Independent Music Network.

John Michael Ferrari

John Michael Ferrari on cover of Hollywood Weekly Nashville

Radio Charting 6 tracks in 2020-2021 for this previous album “Be the Smile on Your Face” by John Michael Ferrari (Cappy Records)

                   WINNER Triple A Album of the Year 2021 by Producers Choice Honors


Pepper Jay is Author of Dynamic Song Performance, The Singer’s Bible



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Speaking Engagements

Paris Appreciation awards at the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris France 2017
Topic: Peace Begins with Me


2017 “Peace Begins with Me”
Art 4 Peace, Polytechnic University, Lagos, Nigeria.


2016 “Peace Begins with Me”
Diamond Rose Awards presented by the Multicultural Motion Picture Association of Beverly Hills, California


For a more complete list of Speaking Appearances, please visit: Public Speaking Appearances.



Pepper Jay, Actress

Pepper Jay on IMDb
Height: 5′ 2″ (1.57m)
Age Range: 50-65
Race: Human
Hair: White on top to salt/pepper (Long)
Eyes: Hazel
Wight: 120 lbs



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